Gig Health Project
About the Project

About the Project

The aims of the GIG-HEALTH project

AIM 1 

To investigate whether platform work is associated with various health outcomes


To identify the mechanisms through which platform work affects health and well-being



To propose recommendations for improving platform workers’ job conditions, health and well-being.

Why is this project necessary?

Platform work takes place via and on digital labour platforms. It can be classified into two categories depending on whether work is performed online (i.e., translation, data analysis tasks) or onsite (i.e., taxi, delivery or domestic tasks).

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the emergence of digital labour platforms is one of the most important new transformations in the world of work

Surprisingly, the health implications of platform work have remained largely unstudied, despite large public interest. It is unclear if all types of platform work could be health-damaging, and through which mechanisms they may affect health.